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How to Write SMM Texts: 10 Simple Rules

Studies have shown that the average citizen of Russia spends 143 minutes a day on social networks, perceiving hundreds of informational messages. How to prevent a post of your brand from getting lost in the chaos of information, or - even worse - from annoying the picky and careful user, being, on the contrary, interesting and useful?

Spice Media Agency prepared top 10 rules to help you achieve maximum results:

1. Headlines should attract attention!

To paraphrase a well-known expression, we can say with certainty about the content in social media: "You only have one chance to make the reader notice your post. "

Choosing a title, do not be afraid to use vivid, intriguing, unusual phrases: take interesting figures, statistics, bold facts as a basis, make sensational conclusions and ask questions. Believe me, even the most boring news topic could attract the reader, if properly presented and seasoned with interesting facts.

Wrong: "A New Affordable Cafe Opened in St. Petersburg"
Right: "How to Have Lunch for 100 Rubles Downtown"

2. Format the text

Your post must be not only useful, but also easy to read! Break up the text into paragraphs, be sure to leave spaces between the lines, add bulleted lists or number the paragraphs as necessary. All of these tools motivate the user to read the text in full.

Psychologically, a huge text in the news feed looks scary and unattractive, especially next to its more concise "neighbors. "

3. Living language

The biggest mistake when writing an article is dry presentation of information, and clerical style of speech. Even if you present a serious study, vital statistics or a new product, remember that coming to social networks and in their news feed, the user is waiting for entertainment, relaxation and friendliness. Be friendly. Be on the same page. Study your users.

If they are harsh working men, you can spice the text up with a strong word (but without being too vulgar, of course!). If you are writing for the mothers on maternity leave, ask how their babies are today. If your audience is young, add modern slang and trending hashtags.

4. Give emotions!

The brand is perceived in the social networks as a person with a particular material presentation style and manner of communication. This, incidentally, is confirmed by the fact that many companies began to be registered not only in the social networks, but also in the messengers.
So users expect you to share your emotions, feelings and opinions. Publishing thematic or global news, do not be afraid to share your attitude towards them, or add an exclamation.

"The morning started spectacularly: DiCaprio received his first Oscar!
Frankly, we were very concerned for the actor, so we offer to raise a cup of hot coffee to him, and get down to work in a great mood! Good morning friends!"

5. Smileys

They can animate any text and emphasize particular facts. But remember the rule "one emotion – one smiley". Even if you are experiencing indescribable joy, it is not necessary to put several smileys and a couple of fireworks in addition - as a rule, a row of smiles looks ridiculous.

6. Current events

In pursuit of the presentation of their services, many companies forget that users are ordinary people and, in addition to your product, are interested in such mundane events as the arrival of spring, the first snow or the release of a new film.
Use such information occasions in your texts!

7. Ask questions

Questions are not only a great way to find a common language with the audience, but also an effective tool to increase comment activity in the community. Ask simple questions with no hidden meanings: modern man has clip consciousness and, having failed to formulate a response immediately, they are unlikely to return to your post later.

8. Do not overpraise yourself!

If you want to talk about the competitive advantages of your company, then, first of all, talk about how it can be useful to your client. No need to sing the ode of praise to yourself, better let your customers do it.

Wrong: "Our company has worked long and hard, and in the end got nominated for an international award for having created an innovative stove"
Right: "Now it takes just 15 minutes to cook dinner: the time saved can be spent on your favorite TV series and spent with your loved ones. "

9. Say no to platitudes!

If you write about a certain product, trend, event, anything - try to start the text with interesting, little-known facts, with the original view of the subject, with the figures. Do not use phrases like "it is well-known that", "it is no secret," etc.

10. Blatant advertising

We all understand that in an ideal universe, social network posts should form not only the users' loyalty, but also an irresistible desire to buy a product or a service offered by the company. But usually, the former is the first one to appear, while the latter comes only after a while. Be patient and do not try to advertise your product in every message: "Sometimes a news is just a news. "