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Spice Media shares the secrets of advancing on Instagram

Advancing on Instagram is not difficult. It is enough to know only a few methods and rules for the application.

As you know, today modern society is extremely susceptible to three main passions - ostentation, curiosity and need for self-actualization. For this reason, most owners of smartphones are in earnest impassioned by Instagram. You can not only show photo-masterpieces of your life, but also follow the news and interests of other users. Not surprisingly, Instagram is the only application that has become a social network.

It is worth noting that progress on Instagram is more suitable for companies that cater to a mass audience. Typically, these companies always have something to show and tell the audience, and Instagram’s main principle is openness. This area is ideal for retail, entertainment industry and service sector. Instagram is especially important for companies that are focused on a younger audience. Although for other segments of the market, professionals can come up with a concept that will interest people.

Advancing on Instagram is not difficult. It is enough to know only a few methods and rules for the application:

1. What do we need for the “start”?

Before you start working on your Instagram, make sure you have a gadget with a camera that will provide a decent quality pictures. Remember, your main enemies are dead pixels, lack of clarity, shiny faces, excessive darkness or light. Learn camera settings, photo editors and photo filters that will help you to avoid bad photos.

Learn a little about the proper shooting technique. Attention to details, proper composition, angles, plot, knowledge of the characteristics of large plans are the requirements that you just have to abide by.

After registering and filling Instagram profile it is necessary to find your subscribers from other social networks. Fortunately, on Instagram there is a function for searching friends from Facebook, Twitter or VKontakte. Tell others about your new brand account on all the social networks that were used previously.

2. Development of the advancing concept

Decide in advance with the targeted audience and with the content subject. If you exactly imagine who is a consumer of your product or service, know his character, interests, needs, age, gender, status, financial status, then you probably realize what he needs and what he would like to see on your site.

3. Regularly refresh your account with a variety of materials

Optimally post no more than two or three photos per day, not to "clog" others newswire. Add not only the photos of goods, but also photos that show the process of their manufacturing or use, photos from conferences, meetings and photos of the company's employees.

Pamper users with insider information: post photos of new products, and raffle one of them for free. Be sure to upload photos of your clients, because the happy faces of the buyers are the best advertisement.

You can name photos and provide brief descriptions. On Instagram as well as on any other social network humor is a necessary part, so funny pictures and inscriptions will never be superfluous.

 4. Use popular hash tags # and create your own hash tags #

Find out which hash tag in your area is the most popular and rush to label the photos with it. Of course, the more labels you use, the more coverage is. However, it is desirable to define company’s own hash tag and actively promote it to the masses.

For example, the organizers of the ballet “Radio and Juliet” organize a contest on Instagram. To win a ticket, you had to lay out the photo or picture with the text "I want to go to the ballet # radioandjuliet”.

Offer customers some nice bonuses, for example, for making a photo with goods purchased in your store and publishing it with a certain hash tag.

Regularly observe your hash tag and “like” photos with it. Engage your employees to use the company’s hash tag in their accounts. After all, they may probably upload photos from their work places.

5. Do not forget about discounts and offers

Motivate people to view your photos and comments to them. You can, for example, give the promo code descriptions for some photos.

Arrange the photo quiz. You know how people like to solve puzzles. You can hold a contest for the best name for a photo or a product; give participants the opportunity to express their imagination and wit.

Be sure to attract the users to interact with your company on Instagram, guided by their needs, feelings, emotions, and you will be surprised at how quickly can increase the popularity of your brand and customer loyalty along with it.