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Newsjacking as a tool to increase brand awareness

Viktoria Kulibanova, CEO and founder of Spice Media communication agency, gave an interview to "Delovoy Peterburg" about the benefits of usage of resonance events for brands.

 "Today, activity in the media space is so high that there are at least two or three high-profile events taking place each month, which are picked up and discussed in the media and social networks. Neither of the companies have such a wide range of their own bright stories, so newsjacking is an excellent tool to increase brand awareness and the opportunity to be in a household name", — said Victoria Kulibanova.

Basic rules of successful for newsjacking:

* Efficiency (it is necessary to be involved in the first couple of days);

* Humor (don’t simply integrate into news, but make your brand message witty and fun);

* You need to be prepared for any reaction to your message, and if your message started a negative reaction, it is necessary to be able to get out of it with dignity and humor;

* Events should not be narrowly focused or known to a local audience. The company may come up with a good message, but its target audience may not understand it, simply because they are not aware of the event itself."