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Public Relations

Spice Media will undertake a wide range of work to promote your company and help create a favourable image of your company in the information sphere.

Our agency employs specialists with many years of PR experience in various fields in large Russian and international companies, as well as in leading business media.

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Digital communications

The specialists at Spice Media communication agency will advise you and develop an optimal strategy for promoting your business on the Internet through digital communication channels.

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Spice Media communications agency will help to create a positive image of your company and maintain a high level of loyalty on the Internet. We will analyse the reputation rankings and carry out a variety of work to form a positive image, as well as to neutralize the negative.

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Event marketing

At Spice Media, we have had the opportunity to hold a large number of exceptional events – from opening a factory to major business awards. We will organize an event for you that will help you achieve your goals and clearly express yourself to your target audience.

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Anti-crisis PR

Anti-crisis PR is a set of measures to predict, prevent, or overcome crises in the company and their consequences.

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Visual communication is an integral part of our life. Visual images attract and engage the audience, convey certain meanings, and make communication with the target audience more effective.

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