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Anti-crisis PR

Any company should have an anti-crisis PR program in order to act according to the developed action program in the event of a crisis, and not rush around taking the right or wrong steps.


An anti-crisis PR program should include both a crisis prevention program and a crisis recovery program.


In the first part, the main sources of risk and problems that may affect the company are determined in advance. A plan of preventive measures is developed for each problem.


For the second case, a program of actions is developed for company management and employees in a crisis, the necessary resources for anti-crisis measures are determined, and key messages and communication channels for your target audience are developed.


Spice Media has extensive experience in crisis management communications. We will develop a crisis prevention program for you, as well as an effective crisis recovery program. In the event of a crisis, we will promptly establish an anti-crisis headquarters that will help your business cope with the situation.


And remember! The stronger the company's image initially, the harder it is to damage it. Our area of expertise includes not only anti-crisis PR campaigns, but also the forming and strengthening a company's image.

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