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Public Relations

Spice Media will undertake a wide range of work to promote your company and help create a favourable image of your company in the information sphere.

Our agency employs specialists with many years of PR experience in various fields in large Russian and international companies, as well as in leading business media.

PR Strategy Development

Creating a favourable image of the company in the information sphere requires preliminary preparation. Therefore, before starting to work with your company, Spice Media specialists do a communication audit (collect and analyse information about your company and the existing communication policy), develop an ideological concept for a communication policy, and develop a strategic communications plan.

After developing a strategic communications plan, you can either continue cooperating with Spice Media specialists, entrusting us to work within the strategy's framework, or implement the work plan yourself.

Media Promotion

Spice Media will help you build effective relationships with the media and create a favourable image of your company in the information sphere.


• Form a pool of publications and journalists
Spice Media specialists have extensive experience not only in PR, but also in journalism, and, accordingly, deep expertise about the Russian media market. We will form a pool of media relevant for your company and develop an effective communication plan with each of them.


• Prepare press releases and other information materials
Spice Media specialists prepare information materials considering the requirements of various media formats. The main task is to develop a concept for the material, to correctly place accents, to foresee possible questions from journalists, and to promptly answer them.


• Create newsworthy events
The task of Spice Media specialists is not only to identify events in your company that could be of interest to journalists, but also to create such events. We interact closely with journalists and develop materials taking into account the requirements of specific media.


• Place publications in the media
Information in the press about your company can be presented as news, commentary, expert opinion, and interviews. The task of Spice Media specialists is to work not only with your news, but also to promote your company's top managers as authoritative experts on a certain range of issues.


• Promote in online media
Clients very often single out online media as a separate item. Our specialists work with all categories of media: print, TV and radio, online.


Today, online media includes both traditional resources and Telegram channels, which today are a full-fledged source of information.

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