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Communication agency Spice Media has updated its own brand platform

Spice Media communications agency was founded in 2012 and started as an agency specializing in PR support in the media and reputation management. Since then, the list of services has expanded significantly and the client pool has changed. Among the agency's clients: LSR Group, CDS Group, STIHL, Legenda Development, Euroinvest Group, Nokian Tires, Granel Group, Philip Morris Izhora, GORKI Golf & Resort, and others.


Summary of PR Internship results

3.5 months of the PR Internship have come to an end. And today, we have summed up the results of the first season of the project.


Spice Media and RGMD held a roundtable on "Features of legislative regulation of public art in St. Petersburg"

On June 5, as part of the project “Art in an Urban Environment”, a roundtable was held on “Features of legislative regulation of public art in St. Petersburg." The discussion was attended by the heads of CSPHCM, CUPA, as well as street art representatives. The meeting was moderated by Victoria Kulibanova, director of Spice Media, and Elena Bodrova, executive director of NP RGMD.


A client of the Spice Media agency is on the list of the most cited business leaders in St. Petersburg and the Leningrad Region

Evgeny Bogdanov, founder of the Rumpu design bureau, is in 8th place in the rating of the most cited heads of companies, business associations and public organizations in St. Petersburg and the Leningrad region.


Spice Media has become the general PR partner of the architectural and design competition “Gold Trezzini”.

This year, Gold Trezzini enters the federal level, and nominees from all over Russia can take part in the competition – developers and builders, architects and designers, interior designers as well as students of architectural universities and departments.


The second intake of students began their study at The School of a Good PR Professional

This time The School of a Good PR Professional opened its doors not only to beginner PR specialists but also to students of specialized universities and business owners who want to learn the basics of PR.


The first intake of students for the course offered by The School of a Good PR Professional has completed their education!


Victoria Kulibanova, Spice Media CEO, held a workshop for press secretaries of the St. Petersburg government

Within the framework of the seminar for press secretaries of the executive bodies of the state authorities in St. Petersburg, Spice Media CEO Victoria Kulibanova held a workshop on the topic "How to work with the negative content on social media".


Spice Media launches The School of a Good PR Professional

The course that is on offer is designed for beginner PR specialists. The founder of the school and also its principal is Victoria Kulibanova, CEO of Spice Media.


Spice Media has organized a press tour of the golf resort GORKI Golf & Resort

This year was marked by an important event in the life of GORKI - with the erection of a 4-star hotel, the golf club changed its status to a golf resort and opened its doors not only for those who are passionate about playing golf, but also for fans of active family vacations in the country. Russia has a huge potential to develop golf and popularize this one of the youngest Olympic sports. In the next few years, this market may grow exponentially if it focuses on attracting younger people and correcting the pricing policy of golf clubs, said Ekaterina Senina, general director of GORKI Golf & Resort.


Spice Media has organized information support for the Birthday Week of the flagship store of IQOS

Events within the framework of the Birthday Week, dedicated to the anniversary of the opening of the first flagship store IQOS in St. Petersburg, were held on 31 May and 1 June in the Gallery shopping center. Many good friends came along to celebrate the birthday, including Russian TV stars.


The competition of architectural and design projects "ARHproekt", organized by the largest developer in town and the leading construction company in Russia GTS TsDS (Group of Companies – Part

This will be the third year that "ARHproekt", a nationwide professional competition of architectural and design projects, is held. The organizer of the competition is the GC CDS, one of the largest construction companies in the North-West. The submitted works will be evaluated grouped in three nomination categories: "The facade of a multi-storey building", "Entrance group" and "Apartment interior".


St. Petersburg was home to a meetup dubbed “Marketing ICO projects” organized by Viktoria Kulibanova, CEO of Spice Media.

St. Petersburg, 13 February 2018 – A meeting dedicated to the promotion of ICO projects was held at the Yasnaya Polyana coworking venue. Representatives of communication agencies and business owners who had successfully participated in ICO projects discussed various practices of launching start-ups and how to promote them.


Spice Media client, VIMANA Global Inc, participated in World Economic Forum in Davos.

Our partner, international company VIMANA Global Inc, presented its working full-sized prototype of blockchain-based Autonomous Aerial Vehicle at the World Economic Forum 2018 in Davos, Switzerland. All attendees had a unique chance to look at the prototype carefully and to learn more about company.


ICO marketing: course of lectures in Highest School of Economics given by the CEO of Spice Media Agency Viktoria Kulibanova.

From this year, CEO of Spice media Agency Viktoria Kulibanova, teaches SMM courses, anti-crisis PR and ICO marketing under the program of advanced training and mini-MBA in the Highest School of Economics.


Social media trends: master class given by the CEO and founder of Spice Media Agency Viktoria Kulibanova.


“How to get media for free” – demonstration lecture given by the PR-director of Spice Media Agency Olga Murashko.

The PR manager of Spice Media agency Olga Murashko held a master class titled “How to get media for free” for students from the ‘public relations’ department in Polytechnic University.


What to do if you or your business displeased popular bloggers?

Viktoria Kulibanova, CEO and founder of Spice Media communication agency, gave an interview to "Delovoy Peterburg" about the right responses to bloggers ‘attacks’


Newsjacking as a tool to increase brand awareness

Viktoria Kulibanova, CEO and founder of Spice Media communication agency, gave an interview to "Delovoy Peterburg" about the benefits of usage of resonance events for brands.


CEO and founder of Spice Media agency gave a lecture within the Girls4Tech program.

Viktoria Kulibanova, CEO of Spice Media agency, gave a lecture titled “PR of startups” in the framework of educational program Girls4tech.


Client of Spice Media agency became the winner of the GOOD INNOVATIONS Awards

The blueprint of the team of Evgeni Bogdanov, founder of the architecture Bureau Rumpu and "SHAFT", won the competition of innovative projects in real estate GOOD INNOVATIONS. The award was given in the category "Materials and technologies".