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What to do if you or your business displeased popular bloggers?

Viktoria Kulibanova, CEO and founder of Spice Media communication agency, gave an interview to "Delovoy Peterburg" about the right responses to bloggers ‘attacks’

"There is no basic pattern, which works for everyone: the decision-making should be made individually in each specific case. This decision depends on many factors: how much coverage the video received, how much of a reaction was caused, and whether or not those words could harm the businessman.

What really shouldn’t be done in a situation when a businessman has attracted the negative attention of bloggers, is rudeness and threatening behavior. In addition, what will always find a good reaction from the audience is humor. If a businessman responds to the charges with humor, he can win the sympathy of even his opponents," — reveals the winning formula Viktoria Kulibanova.

Delovoj Peterburg

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